Instagram Tips and Tools for Sellers

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The question is how are you using Instagram for your business? How to get a lot of followers on instagram? Do you want to get more of your marketing efforts? Sure, you do! Here are some of the best tips for online Instagram sellers.
# 1: Customizing images
In your Instagram account, publish the kind of photos that your audience is already sharing and taste. For example, take a picture that shows the inside of your office, or bring your favorite food later.One of good examples is MaybellineAU that took their cue from fashion bloggers showing a brand makeup routine aspect of a woman: the definition of the eyebrows.Take the example of such public content ideas. The style and approach in Instagram contributed to a 2.4-milion dollars increase in sales of Maybelline mascara eyebrows.

# 2: Improve your photos
You’ll get the most out of all the photos you share if they are the best they can be. Here are some quick and easy for even the most basic photo enhancing ways. Make use of an application like VSCO Cam (available for iOS and Android) to clarify and enhance your photos. The application offers editing tools and predefined more attractive and interesting photo filters. Although Instagram now supports non-square photo, square shape still works best. With InstaSize tool (available for iOS and Android) you can choose a picture and scale it exactly how you want in the square. The application adds a white or colored border around the edges of the photo so retains its original shape in the square box. InstaSize makes it easy to resize your photos to work within traditional square format on Instagram.

# 3: Use Text Overlays on Images
Share generic content that does not connect to your brand is a missed opportunity in Instagram. Many sellers choose to place generic content for your product or service. How many pictures you can really share about your team sitting around a conference table? Not many. Instead, create messages, graphics and designs that tell users something valuable. This could be a date attached to your name or a new product announcement, competition or sale.For example, the Huffington Post has used graphics on Instagram to share a quote from a story or to start a conversation. In this example, the graphic makes a Question coupling and promotes a hashtag. The question began a long conversation in the comments and resulted in increased use of the hashtag.


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Best FIFA 16 Defense Tips

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When playing FIFA 16, you will understand that Fifa 16 is not only about attacking and scoring, but also about how to defend and protect your goal. A successful counterattack begins with an effective defense effort. In this blog article you will find some of the strategies and tactics like Free coins in Fifa 16 that will help you to protect your goal and win the game.

Before going to the game, you must choose the best defenders. Choose those with higher degrees of the defense (DEF), addressing (TAC), sprinting (SPR) and direction (HEA). Those are the main attributes for defense players. Choose 4 or 5 best defenders with highest rating and put the them in the team. Do not forget that midfielders also help to prevent attacks. Thus, the chose mid-field players with superior attributes. Having a pair of defensive midfielders in his starting lineup is a good option. Very important is how you will handle your defense when your opponent start to attack your goal. It is necessary to involve all players, even strikers should be involved in such defense.

Therefore, it is necessary to train your team and gain some practice.We would suggest that you go to 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2 or 5-3-2 because these formations are more dynamic to switch between defense and attack. After forming your team, you need to see how it works and what is their weakness. Go play offline and online games, for online games, we suggest you to play games without ranking / friendly especially when you’re in Seasons mode or FUT 16. Being patient is the key. The only thing that would help you is ability to handle a situation. Try to confuse your opponent and narrow his choices. Remember, time is crucial, make short tackles and blocking the ball. If you happened to have only a goalkeeper in the situation to prevent a goal, the best way to do this is to make your opponent confused. As the attacker runs out of time Bring the keeper of the line, but not far from the goal, so that opponent thinks that you will slide down, so he makes a choice either to have a strong shot or low kick.

Take note of the ways you get goals. Either through a header from a cross, or a direct shot, the point is to recognize the holes in your defense and fix them. Find out what makes your defense weak, is it a silly mistake or your defense need serious change? Make a checklist and fix them one by one. That is a key point to improve your defensive skills.

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Instagram Perfection

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Instagram is essential online marketing tool with more then 400 million active users at this moment. It is one of the best way how you can promote yourself and create huge number of useful contacts, contacts that you can turn into sales and generate profit. Many world-wide brands like Nike are using nstagram to market their products or services and this article is aiming to help you  to get instantly free instagram followers in the beginning of your Instagram adventure.

Let us, for a moment analyze who is using instagram?  That is very important fact, especially in today, ever changing business environment. The vast majority of instagram users are young people, mostly teenegers that are using this service simply for fun and entertainment.That is a part of Instagram community that can not, or hardly may generate any income, or sales for your product, if it is not specifically designed for their use. Still, there are about 150 milion users in the age 25-50, who are active, working persons, and that is our primary target. They are generating the largest amount of sales on Instagram. You should understand why would you need to use Instagram for your business. If you are not clear about that, be sure that using Instagram for business is valid choice, it has tremendous power to generate huge ammount of sales in no time, and power to promote your product. Do you know what term “viral” means? No, we are not talking about viral infection, influemca or fly, we are talking about serious marketing,  but the system of spreading is very similar like viral infection.


It means that you need good, quality content on Instagram, and if you manage to find just one photo that can be accepted by majority of users, it may become viral , in other words, it will be shared by others, just like virus, and your reputation will grow. That is the goal of Instagram marketing – somehow or other to make others engaged in promoting your brand. That is exactly the reason why Instagram is so powerful online tool, with almost no effort, you can promote your product and generate huge profit. That is a summary of Instagram marketing. Other than that, you will need to post your material regularly, to take care about specific keywords or hashtags, to be active as a member of Instagram community. It is not so simple as it may look like, but the reward of attaining Instagram popularity is worth of your time and energy.

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All about free Gems in Clash of Clans

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The Gems are primary currency in the Clash of Clans, worldwide strategic phenomenon, the game that is absolutely one of the most popular on-line games ever made. Why you will need precious Gems and what are the ways how to get free gems on clash of clans or how to obtain them in the game or outside of the game is the question that we will try to answer today.


There are several ways how you can obtain Gems in the game, and main ones include getting Gems from tutorial, removing obstacles in the village and fulfilling achievements. Final option is to buy gems in the game, which is the fastest way, but you will need to spend real money in the game. Fortunatelly enough, you are reading this post on our site, that offers perfect online solution for getting free gems in Clash of Clans, so you can get them easily and absolutely free. For additional info check Clash of Clans Online and get your free Gems! Still, in this article, we will focus on describing the ways how to get free gems on Clash of Clans Online dirrectly in the game.

0107Gems from Tutorial –If you are new Clash of Clan player you will get an option to finish tutorial and use some Gems at the beginning of the game. Word of advice – do not use those Gems, save them for later game. Tutor in the game will advise you to use Gems, so that you may be introduced into usage of Gems in the game, but you can complete all tasks from tutorial without spending a single Gem! Save your Gems and use them for buying additional builder!

Gems from obstacles You will get opportunity to earn free Gems in the game by “removing the obstacles” in your base or village. Every time you remove a bush or some other object in the village like tree or rock, you will get the chance to get Gems. In some special cases, you will get special Gem Box with 25 Gems! The Gem Box is a random item, so you just need to be persistent and determine in your daily cleaning to get 25 free Gems. Keep your village clean and earn some free Gems with this method.0108

Free Gems and Achievements The third method of getting free Gems in teh Clash of Clans is by completing various achievements. When you complete certain achieves you will receive some Gems and there is no need to some special effort to achieve them, most of such achievements can be completed with regular playing. Still, there are several interesting achievements that you may want to complete earlier to get some free Gems. In single player campaign there is a campaign “Get Those Goblins” that will give you free Gems. Achievemt “Union Buster” will also give you nice sum of Gems, and finnally “Sweet victory” that is reachable for 1.250 trophies in the game. You can easily complete this achievemens by simple regular raiding!


Once when you get your free gems in the game, it is important to use them on the best possiable way. You should invest your Gems in buying additional builders to increase production and building of your structures.

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Clash of Clans – Mortar Guide

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Mortar is the best defensive structure in Clash of Clans! It can easily stop Barbarians and Archers and save your precious resources. It this short guide I will give you some basic information, and few tips and tricks, including Clash of clans cheats, that will help you to properly place Mortar and maximize it’s devastating power.

0223It is the first defensive Tower that you will get in the game and it is very strong. The power of Mortar lies in fact that it deals splash damage, it is capable to kill several targets at once, which is ideal for Barbarians and Archers at the early stages of the game. Two important points are essential to be properly understood if you want to save your Mortars and create almost unbreakable defense for your base. Firs point is – maximum and minimum range. Mortar has maximum range of attack, or in other words radius of 11 yards. If any enemy troop enters into radius of 11 yards, Mortar will start to fire immidiatelly. But, it also has minimum range of 4 yards, which means that Mortar cannot shoot at any target that came too clos at range lesser then 4 yards.



Therefore it is very important to place Mortar with some other Tower, for example Archer or Wizard Tower to create some kind of usefull combination. Archer Tower can shoot at enemies that came closer than 4 yards and Mortar will cover larger area with splash damage. Another point that you should consider is the fact that Mortar can attack only ground units, it is unable to hit any flying units in the game. Once again, if you can combine different Towers by  placing them next to each other, it will create useful combination and it will give additional survivability to your Mortar.  You should also consider proper placement for your Mortar and the center of the base is best possible place for the Mortar. Try to spread your Mortars a bit, but still they must be close enough to give protection to other structures.  Here is excellent map of proper placement strategy:


Lightening spell is the greatest danger for Mortar, it can take down Mortar in just few hits, and, unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about that.Mortar is super effective defensive structure for neutralizing huge number of weak units like Barbarians and Archers. Just be sure that your Mortars are combined with some other defensive structures like Archer or Wizard Towers and you are ready to rock!

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Toy Soldiers: War Chest Playstation 4 Review

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Toy Soldiers are now available for Playstation 4 with psn code generator! If you do not know Toy Soldiers are series of  tower defense games where main characters are mini figures left around by a kid after the play session. The game itself is focused on toy side and is trying to mix a colorful world of toys which puzzle solving challenges.

The main campaign is single player, but it is real enjoyment to play eighth from beginning to the end. Single player campaign is an excellent tutorial that will explain you everything you need to know before you try some of the multiplayer modes that are available in the game. After all, it is a quite complex tower defense game where you need to know the mechanics of the game before you decide to engage in online battles. As you may assume, the main goal of these game is to survive multiply waves of enemies while you must use your money on most efficient way to build proper defensive structures. In the game you will have different options and various designs that can help you to survive attacks.

For example you’ll be able to use normal Towers against ground units, but with simple adjustments the same Tower may become very efficient against tanks and vehicles. Definitely you should finish the single player campaign if you want to learn the basic author game. Often you learned and mastered tips and tricks from solo campaign, you will be ready for online battles. The fun part of the game is upgrading and placing your units, but after enemy starts to attack you can only watch your tropes in the battle. You can also take active role in the game from third person perspective and actually fire on enemies. If you can defeat enemy troops directly from third person perspective, you will earn much more gold. On this way, the game is not the classical tower defense game, it becomes a combination of several games including third person shooters. We will also be able to choose different heroes with unique styles, and that brings a completely new flavor to the gameplay.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is extremely fun game that will give hours and hours of fun for whole family. It is a game that reminds us on basic values of digital gaming, pure fun and childish happiness while completing just one more level. Toy Soldiers: War Chest is one of the best game released for Playstation 4 in this year.


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Pop up those Baloons!

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Balloons are one of the most unusual units in Clash of Clans and you will need to certain skills and practice if you want to use them efficiently. You must support them with spells and upgrades and if you succeed in your endeavor you may find out that balloons extremely strong units in the game. You can use them later in the game to achieve big victories.We will try to cover some basic information, upgrades and strategies in this short article like clash of clans cheats that will help you to develop successful strategy based on balloons in Clash of Clans.

Let us make it clear-balloons extremely slow units with moderate amount of hit points and you will need to upgrade them as fast as you can to increase their survivability. The natural enemy of balloons are Air Defence Towers, so you need to be specially careful to avoid them at all costs. Balloons first flying units that you will get in the game, and they best when used in groups. If you use balloons in huge numbers you will be able to destroy any defensive structure including air defense towers.

Downside of this unit is a fact that you will need to wait long to produce just one balloon, 8 min. is really long time. That fact is the reason why many players do not play with balloons because they don’t want to wait for such a long time. At the beginning of the game, or to be more precise until Town Hall level 8, balloons are not very useful. The reason why they are not so useful is the goes they are very weak. You will lose a lot of time introduction and they will not be so efficient.

You can use it much better combinations at the same level, like archers, barbarians, Giants, healers. After they reach Town Halllevel 9 they get additional strength to boost and huge increase in hitpoints. From that point they valuable for any strategy. It is however, that important to pay attention to proper composition of your balloons during the attack. You can create an army of balloons and minions, while some players are adding a certain amount of archers as well. Such a strategy is known as Balloonion and you should let Ballons to clear way for your Minions and quickly attack. You can also use lighting spell for additional effect, or you can use rage spell.

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